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The Nintendo 3DS is the third main iteration of the Nintendo DS family. This time, the system has a 3D screen, a single circle pad for analog control and some sensors. Unsurprisingly, a Circle Pad accessory (the Circle Pad Pro) and another model (the 3DS XL) were released in an attempt to address these issues. Another model, the 2DS (which removed the 3D capabilities and clamshell design), was released in late 2013 to surprisingly-good results.

While the system initially struggled due to an initial dearth of original games (resulting in a significant price drop and Nintendo issuing a formal apology plus 20 free games to early adopters), it managed to bounce back and become a very successful handheld, delivering a much better stereoscopic 3D experience than its infamous and short-lived precursor, the Virtual Boy, which even Nintendo themselves mocked in Tomodachi Life.

A new version of the 3DS, creatively titled the "New Nintendo 3DS", boasts even better performance (plus two more shoulder buttons and a second circle pad nub!) and at least one exclusive title.


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