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Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)

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Title Screen

Mario Golf

Also known as: Mario Golf GB (JP)
Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: August 10, 1999
Released in US: October 5, 1999
Released in EU: October 26, 1999
Released in AU: October 26, 1999

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It's a long drive between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Marion Golf Club. But it'll take more than that to drive a wedge between Mario and his golfing addiction.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Character Names

In the adventure mode, when you talk to an NPC who demonstrates a swing, a computer player is shown making the shot. The game loads one of two possible characters, either 0E (a woman named Munakata), or 0F (a man named Oka). These names are never shown to the player, but they are loaded into memory, and can be seen by hacking the game.

Mario golf gbc munakata.png

Development Room

Open Mario Golf (USA) in a memory editor, and change RAM address C450 to 01 in an area such as the character stats screen in story mode and resume gameplay, or use GameShark code 010150C4, or choose 1 in the scene menu described below. The player will be redirected to a room with two rows of seven characters on the top right of the map. Outside of this area, it is completely empty, with nothing but glitched star scrolling animations and a single solid mushroom that doesn't do anything.

Left Row:

  • Mario - takes the player to an end-of-hole animation test. Pressing Left and Right switches between sets of characters, while Up and Down selects the character. There's no exit from this screen, other than restarting.
  • Luigi - takes the player to some sort of screen filled with various graphics from the game, likely to see how characters appeared on the screen. The games allow the player to move around after pressing the A or B button. Restarting is the only way out.
  • Yoshi - player goes to the locker room.
  • Toad - player goes to the front of Marion Clubhouse.
  • Peach - player goes to the lounge.
  • Wario - player goes to the trophy room.
  • D.K. - player goes to the Caddie Master's Office.
Mario Golf dev room.png

Right Row:

  • Mario - takes the player to a VS. Results screen, then the end-of-hole animation test, but with an incorrect palette for the dialogue boxes.
  • Luigi - the player is shown a different debug overlay.
  • Yoshi - the player is shown how many stars they need to get for Toad Highlands. Leaving it goes to the menu for 1P play modes.
  • Toad - shows the player the tournament total; leaving it goes straight to the main menu.
  • Peach - shows rankings for tournament mode; leaving it goes outside the Marion Club.
  • Wario - The sepia effect is turned on, followed by a series of beeps. Dialogue boxes retain the sepia effect.
  • D.K. - the player is taken to a character animation test screen; touching Mario and Wario goes back and forth between different characters, while touching Peach and Toad cause the player to do his putting animation.

Debug Display

Mario Golf (USA) debug display.PNG

Open Mario Golf (USA) in a memory editor, and change RAM address FF9E to 02 (or use Gameshark code 01029EFF) during gameplay to see a HUD that flickers on the screen to simulate a transparency effect. Note that any time the player switches view, that the font gets overwritten.

(Source: Xkeeper, Raspberry)

Debug Menu

Mario Golf GBC Debug Menu.png

A debug menu exists in the game and can be accessed in story mode.


  1. Open Mario Golf in VBA.
  2. Go to the Marion Clubhouse.
  3. Change RAM address FF9E to 01 in VBA's memory editor.
  4. Press A to open the debug menu.

Alternately, use Gameshark code 01019EFF.


Mario Golf GBC Scene Debug.png

Map Select. Choose a map with the D-Pad, then press A, B to go to the chosen map.

To do:
Figure out what "- ENTER NO -" does.

Map List

No. Japanese English
0 モードセレクト Mode Select
1 かいはつ Development
2 フィールド Field
3 マリオンクラブハウス Marion Clubhouse
4 ラウンジ Lounge
5 しはいにんしつ Executive Suite
6 ロッカールーム Locker Room
7 トロフィールーム Trophy Room
8 マリオンクラブ - キャディマスターしつまえ Marion Club - Outside Caddy Master's Room
9 パームクラブ - キャディマスターしつまえ Palm Club - Outside Caddy Master's Room
10 デューンクラブ - キャディマスターしつまえ Dune Club - Outside Caddy Master's Room
11 リンクスクラブ - キャディマスターしつまえ Links Club - Outside Caddy Master's Room
12 マリオンクラブ - ショットれんしゅうじょう Marion Club - Shot Practice Area
13 マリオンクラブ - アプローチれんしゅうじょう Marion Club - Approach Practice Area
14 マリオンクラブ - パッティングれんしゅうじょう Marion Club - Putting Practice Area
15 パームクラブ - ショットれんしゅうじょう Palm Club - Shot Practice Area
16 パームクラブ - アプローチれんしゅうじょう Palm Club - Approach Practice Area
17 パームクラブ - パッティングれんしゅうじょう Palm Club - Putting Practice Area
18 デューンクラブ - ショットれんしゅうじょう Dune Club - Shot Practice Area
19 デューンクラブ - アプローチれんしゅうじょう Dune Club - Approach Practice Area
20 デューンクラブ - パッティングれんしゅうじょう Dune Club - Putting Practice Area
21 リンクスクラブ - ショットれんしゅうじょう Links Club - Shot Practice Area
22 リンクスクラブ - アプローチれんしゅうじょう Links Club - Approach Practice Area
23 リンクスクラブ - パッティングれんしゅうじょう Links Club - Putting Practice Area
24 ひょうしょう(マリオン) Awards (Marion)
25 ひょうしょう(パーム) Awards (Palm)
26 ひょうしょう(デューン) Awards (Dune)
27 ひょうしょう(リンクス) Awards (Links)
28 ピーチじょうへのみち Path to Peach's Castle
29 ピーチじょう Peach's Castle
30 ストーリースタート Story Start
31 たいせんけっか Competition Results
32 コースパラメータ Course Parameters
33 のりおステータス! Norio Status!
34 のりおサンプル Norio Sample
35 せんたくがめん Select Screen
36 ちびキャラテスト Tiny-Tots Character Test
37 テロップ Projector
38 かぜふきだに - スペシャルホール Windy Valley - Special Hole
39 チビッコゴルフひろば Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds
40 ミニミニ レイクコース Mini-Mini Lake Course
41 カラスのもりゴルフコース Raven Woods Golf Course
42 オルタネートゲーム Alternate Game
43 オルタネートゲームイベント Alternate Game Event
44 ゴルフせんにんの - ショートコース Golf Selection - Short Course
45 ゴルフしんだんじょ Golf Diagnostic Area
46 クラブしょくにんのごや Club Employee Hut
47 かぜふきだにのこや Windy Valley Hut
48 マッチプレイイベント Match Play Event
49 ENDしはいにんしつ END: Executive Suite
50 ENDラウンジ END: Lounge
51 ENDキャディマスターしつ END: Caddy Master Room
52 ENDひょうしょう(マリオン) END: Awards (Marion)
53 ENDちびっこゴルフ END: Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds
54 ENDカラスのもり END: Raven Woods
55 ENDオルタネイト1 END: Alternate 1
56 ENDマッチプレイイベント END: Match Play Event
57 ENDフィールド END: Field
58 ENDクモ END: Clouds
59 ENDあぜりあ END: Azalea
60 ENDピーチじょう END: Peach's Castle
61 ENDマリオンクラブハウス END: Marion Clubhouse
62 ENDフィールド END: Field


Mario Golf GBC Map Debug.png

Seems to be a list of different areas of the Marion Clubhouse to warp to?

To do:
Figure out what exactly this option does.


Mario Golf GBC Palette Editor.png

Edits the palette of the current room. Use the D-Pad to choose a color, A to display the chosen color's RGB values, and the D-Pad to edit them.


Mario Golf GBC Flag Editor.png

Flag editor. Use the D-Pad to select a flag and A to enable/disable it.

To do:
Find out what each flag enables.

(Source: GlitterBerri - Translation)

Regional Differences

To do:
Compare the Japanese title screen.


Japanese International
Mario Golf GBC jpn dictionary.png Mario Golf GBC eng dictionary.png

In addition to the cover graphics change, the pages on the right side were made visible in the international version.


  • The Japanese and European versions use meters in putting instead of feet, changing 30 ft, 100 ft, and 200 ft to 10m, 30m, and 60m respectively. That change doesn't affect the distance, however.
  • The Japanese and European versions show wind speed in meters per second rather than miles per hour.
  • During the Alternate Game challenge, Lily and Lime's names are swapped in the Japanese version.

Unused Text

In both non-Japanese versions, a text string based on the default Emacs scratch buffer can be found at ROM address C885F:

This buffer is for notesyou don't want to save,and for Lisp evaluation.ABCDEFG